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Is Your Organization Using Social Media Smartly and More Effectively?

bigstock-Social-Media-Sign-28292228Understanding and embracing the importance of maintaining a consistent social media strategy that focuses on authentic communication with your audience is paramount to building your organization’s online communities. Use social media effectively to create an intersection between social channels and the human network to expose touchpoints (common interests, themes, and movements) that allow “for deeper, more personal connections that inspire sharing and interaction” (Solis, 2012). Continue reading “Is Your Organization Using Social Media Smartly and More Effectively?”


“Saying hello doesn’t have a ROI. It’s about building relationships” Gary V.

“Saying hello doesn’t have and ROI. It’s about building relationships” Gary Vaynerchuk.

Saying hello doesn't have and ROI. It's about building relationships-

In social media, intimacy counts. Intimacy is about how you listen & pay attention to
your social audience & provide some level of who you are – vulnerability.
Vulnerability + value in your message = trust. Trust builds relationships = ROI!



Great Content Doesn’t Fall Off The Social Media Tree!

Great content doesn’t fall off the social media tree; it has to be carefully and thoughtfully curated. If you are not getting shared, comments, liked or retweeted – you are not adding value in your message to connect with your audience that builds relationships and fosters social trust. Contrary to popular belief… “great content is not determined by you, it is determined by your audience.” Brian Fanzo

Publishing great content is touching upon or solving a pain point for your audience, something they can instantly find value in and take away for current or future use. Adding value to your message that connects, gives, and build’s trust with your audience will lead your social followers to share your gem of a message, determining your content is worthy and worth giving away to their social communities.

Manresala_Great Content!


Putting Together the Pieces of Your Communication Objectives to Create a Winning Social Media Strategy!

imagesPutting together the pieces of your communication objectives to create a winning social media strategy. When examining your organization’s communication objectives you wish to achieve with your social media strategy, make a list of your goals to help direct your intentions. Here are some thoughts (examples) to help you brainstorm along the way. Continue reading “Putting Together the Pieces of Your Communication Objectives to Create a Winning Social Media Strategy!”


Social Media Relationships

In a shared rich environment

In a shared rich environment such as ones that are created through social media…to engage relationships between the connected consumer and organizations, it is imperative that businesses “contain enough base content and initial participation to provide new participants with immediate and recognizable value, encourage them to contribute actively, and lead them to invite their colleagues, friends, and others” (Bradley & McDonald, 2011). This is referred to as, seeding the system.