8 Facebook Engagement Stats A Social Business Needs To Know!

8 Facebook Engagement Stats A Social Business Needs To Know!

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When engaging with your social media community,  it’s essential to create social media campaigns that are consistently engaging and are always attracting new fans while maintaining relationships with your already established followers. All of your social media channels should reflect authentic content that resonates with your social media users (Schaffer, 2013). Curating content that resonates with your social media can be tricky and takes time. You or your social media team will have to experiment with different types of messages. You’ll want to develop a variety of content that will trigger conversations and engage your current social audience while increasing your fan base as well.

One thing to steer clear of, social media campaigns should not be confused with traditional marketing campaigns, i.e. promoting new products/discounts (Schaffer, 2013). Social media campaigns should focus on social media’s strength and ability to connect and foster relationships with your audience. Therefore, a social business should create events (campaigns) that trigger engagement from followers, elicit feedback, deepen your connection, and establish trust with your social media audience.

With social media, to harvest return-of-investment businesses must listen, connect, engage, and foster relationships with their social audience. Creating authentic social media campaigns that trigger conversations about your brand with your present fans and increase your followers is essential to reap your rewards in the social community commerce. The 8 Facebook Engagement Stats Every Marketer Needs To Know: Mari Smith & BuzzSumo have put together a remarkable and useful social media tool for social businesses. Mari and BuzzSumo have done the research for you and have asked those important questions that every social business should consider when putting together a social media campaign. “Does publishing Facebook posts through a third party tool affect your reach and engagement? What types of Facebook posts get the most interactions? What is the best time of day to publish Facebook business posts? Which day of the week is best for publishing posts?” In the world of social media where algorithms and analytics are kings, to increase your exposure it is essential for businesses to create social media campaigns that consider these questions and connect content that resonates with their social audience while keeping in mind the holy grail of engagement stats!

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