Is Your Organization Using Social Media Smartly and More Effectively?

Is Your Organization Using Social Media Smartly and More Effectively?

bigstock-Social-Media-Sign-28292228Understanding the importance of maintaining a consistent social media strategy–that focuses on authentic communication with your audience is paramount to building your organization’s online communities. Use social media effectively to create an intersection between social channels and the human network to expose touchpoints (common interests, themes, and movements) that allow “for deeper, more personal connections that inspire sharing and interaction” (Solis, 2012).

Execute social media to deliver your message directly to your audience to build and influence relationships!

Social Impact – Engagement: Engagement transforms the connected consumer (your audience) into connected advocates, united and motivated by exceptional brand engagement and product experiences. Earn relevance by connecting your audience’s heart and soul in your message (touchpoints) create an authentic presence (message) in your human network, which in return will foster loyalty, allegiance, and action amongst your connected consumer (Solis, 2012).

Social Capital: Relevance, Authority, Affinity, Trust, Popularity, and Goodwill – Your organization’s digital influence can build ambassadorships through the connected consumer by delivering consistent and value-added content throusocial-fingersgh social media channels that authentically influence trust and reciprocity. Social Capital, “The collective value of all ‘social networks’ and the inclinations that arise from these networks to do things for each other” (Putnam, 2000).

Social Commerce: To get your audience to act and share your message; your organization must understand what motivates their audience and work on those measures. Introduce social sparks (common interests and themes) through dedicated social media channels to convert decisions and intentions into outcomes where attention is focused. Create content (not clever gimmicks) that fosters engagement that will fuel your audience’s interaction and make your message shareable within their individual network. When your connected consumer is motivated, inspired, your organization can influence your audience and convert conversations into outcomes. (Solis, 2012)

Social Impact: Using specific engagements, call-to-actions, your organization can use the voice of the connected consumer to amplify your message and create a value-added experience so that your audience is both informed and inspired to take action in your name. Therefore, unlocking touchpoints that shape and influence your connected consumer’s decisions, converting one exchange into the opportunity for many more exchanges.

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