Brand Strategy on Instagram

Brand Strategy on Instagram 

When posting to Instagram, your brand should remain consistent across all IG channels. Build your brand equity through consistency and… 

* Visuals – text, size, color, spacing, background.  
* Copy – layout, signature hashtags, hashtags, emoji’s, messaging that adds value to your audience, and call-to-action.

To rise above today’s digital noise and competition, your brand must remain consistent. Words and visuals are the two pillars of branding, and you need consistency in both — one without the other means “the other” will have to work a billion times harder. Why you wanna work so hard? 

You’ll want to create a consistent visual style for everything people see wherever they interact with you. You’ll also want to be mindful of what you say (what’s your brand message? what do you do, and why should people care?).

When you message consistent with your brand, using your brand signature style. Your brand will stay top of mind helping your audience to recall who and what your brand is all about. 

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