Don’t Make These Instagram Mistakes

Are you (your brand) making these mistakes on Instagram?

Too many businesses (brands) are making mistakes with their Insta accounts. Brands are missing out on golden opportunities to build brand equity, identity, awareness, and relationships with their audience because of irrelevant captions, no hook, or CTA’s — just to name a few. The good news is, it doesn’t have to be that way at all. Whew, right?!

I’ve listed below a few but costly mistakes your brand might be making on Instagram…

Mistake #1 — Irrelevant Captions
Make sure the caption you post supports the image you are sharing. Nothing screams clickbait or spam more than having irrelevant captions. Misleading captions will not build trust with your audience.

Mistake #2 — Your IG Caption Is Hard To Read
You want to be sure that you have a little bit of white space after key points. This will help your readers easily follow along.

Mistake #3 — No Hook
Be sure to have an interesting hook at the beginning of your post/caption and make sure the theme supports the image you’re sharing.

Mistake #4 — Random Information
Random information confuses your audience and works against building trust with your audience. Be thoughtful in your post; think of sharing something your audience will find invaluable, which solves a pain point for them like; a lesson, a tip, a hack, or a resource. You want to condition your audience to keep coming back and receiving that “value-added” information” they are not getting from anybody else!

Mistake #5 — CTA (Call-to-Action)
Your audience is not going to guess what it is you want them to do. It is your job to tell them. Your CTA should be — a link in our bio click… to learn more, sign up, offer ends, and schedule an appointment. Lead your audience to your end goal with a proper CTA. 

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