Instagram Hacks to Boost Your Posts

Instagram Hacks to Boost Your Posts

As we move towards the holidays, it’s now more important than ever to market your brand and engage with your audience on the social media platform for which they hang out–their social neighborhood. Below are a few tips and tricks to boost your Instagram algorithm and increase eyes on your posts.

Using the DM (Direct Message). Share your post and DM with those in your audience who you know will appreciate and find value in your content. The impact us, you’ll have your audience liking and sending your private messages–then you can build on those relationships and convert. 

Add Alt-Text. Adding alt-text is an easy way to get more eyes on your video.

Tagging Your Post. Another excellent strategy, especially if you are tagging people you know would appreciate seeing your content. Be always be mindful of tagging people–you don’t want to come off pushy or spammy.
Comment Strategy.
 Always comment, from a comment, with a comment. You want to create a comment thread with your audience–having a conversation on your post is good for the IG algorithm.

Using Stories Multiple Times.
 A smart strategy is to share the same post into your stories multiple times by creating a carousel post, ensuring it is anchored with content that looks good and connects with your story.

It’s all about keeping eyes on your content, engaging with your audience to foster and build relationships around your product and brand. Smartly implementing these tips on your IG posts will help your brand’s algorithm on Instagram. Want to learn more about Social Media Marketing for your brand? Contact Manresala Media at or signup for my blog at

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